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About Us

Incorporated in 2010, Whitney Bloom Design continues to develop, create and design a wide variety of projects from commercial spaces like Trump Palace and Miami Country Day School to luxury condominiums and homes in Miami, South Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Sunny Isles Beach, Coconut Grove and beyond. Six experienced and talented individuals make up the wonderful team that creates welcoming spaces infused with luxury for each client.


Whitney Bloom


After a 10-year sales career in Broadcast News in New York City, where Whitney Bloom loved Broadway, the fabulous museums, and studying Interior Design at New York School of Interior Design, Whitney followed her heart and founded Whitney Bloom Design in Miami in 2010. She enjoys working hard and creating beautiful spaces in this amazing environment, Miami!

Beyond designing interiors, Whitney Bloom has volunteered to serve as a Guardian Ad Litem for abused, abandoned and neglected children in Miami for several years. Both volunteering and interior designing give her a chance to work with all kinds and all ages of people. From the start of my day to the end, it’s the people she has the opportunity to interact with who really make the difference in her day!

She is thankful to have the chance to engage with everyone she comes across each day. As Whitney likes to say “We all contribute to each other and I love having the chance to continue to contribute to my clients’ lives through the great spaces we create together and that I leave with them to enjoy.”


Paul Terry Edwards, IIDA

Senior Interior Designer

Paul Terry Edwards has been a practicing creative designer for more than 24 years. His body of work includes creative concepts in commercial interior retail and hospitality as well as architectural concepts. His unique design approach emphasizes the integration of architecture, interior design, concept branding and artistic designs. Paul received his degree from Brigham Young University and Middle Tennessee State University. Prior to working at Whitney Bloom Design, Paul has held key leadership positions with global firms including partner at MRA Design, Senior Designer and Officer at HOK and Head of Arquitectonica Interiors. Throughout his career, Paul has played an active role in commercial, domestic and international projects throughout the United States, France, Abu Dhabi, Korea and China. Projects under his design direction have won awards for design excellence including three AIA awards for excellence.

With 18 years of experience and degree from the art institute of ft. Lauderdale. Adriana has worked as a general contractor, interior designer, and furniture designer for some of the top Residential designers in Miami. For the last 6 years Adriana has worked as a senior designer for lineaire Designs, focusing on project management and consulting with clients. She works on and off site to determine architectural preference to meet the overall design goals of each project. Her vass knowledge of design and project management makes every project beautifully thought through and executed smoothly.


Blaire Izlar

Interior Designer

With experience in commercial and education design, Blaire Izlar has become proficient in all stages of design development after graduating from UCF’s School of Architecture. Her current responsibilities include conceptual research, schematic design, project organization, construction documents, and client relations. Prior to starting at Whitney Bloom Design, Blaire started her career as an architect of record creating construction documents for several large resort condos and was also given the opportunity to work as a lead designer on several individual projects including gym renovations, residential outdoor spaces, and a on site light house design at S & E Architects.

Mowgly Schwarzwildhirsch

Mowgly Schwarzwildhirsch

3D Graphic Designer

As a lover of both technology and the arts, Mowgly is constantly seeking to combine these two complementary disciplines into unique and fantastic projects. He enjoys adapting himself to life changes and challenges as they present themselves, in addition to finding connectivity between like-minded people and the mutual sharing of knowledge. Having worked in many international projects in the area of mining engineering and architecture, Mowgly has experience realizing the visualization of structures through the creation of realistic renders. His emphasis on digital technology to highlight artistic creativity brings a fresh perspective to the Whitney Boom Design team. As #D Graphic Designer, Mowgly is in charge of creating renderings and bringing projects to life for our clients. Mowgly is a graduate of the University of the Pacific in Multimedia Communication specializing in Digital Graphic & Animation.